Roller Doors & Shutters

Back of House Shopping Centres, Retail, Café’s, Police Stations, Restaurants, Schools & Bottle Shops

  • Modern design

  • Available in a range of colours

  • Easy to use

  • Weather resistant

  • Long life span

Roller Grilles

Sporting Clubs, Shopfronts, Bar Tops, Countertops, Doorways, Bottle Shops, Arcades & Clubs

  • Constructed with High-quality Aluminium

  • Provides a high quality secure barrier against theft

  • Allows airflow and light infiltration

Window Shutters

Commercial Properties, Shopfronts, Café’s, Restaurants, Loading Docks, Bottle Shops, Bar Tops, Sporting Complexes & Security Over Office Windows

  • Added security & privacy

  • Regulate light & heat

  • Available in a range of modern colours

  • Weather resistant to wind, rain and storms

  • Noise reducing

  • Motorised with remote control

Timber Roller Doors

Reception Desks, Bar Tops, Counter Tops, Doorways & Residential Appliance Cupboards

  • Easy to use

  • Custom made from timber

  • Can be stained to match existing timber

Shopfront Doors

Shopping Centres, Bar Tops, Counter Tops, Shopfronts, Doorways, Bottle Shops, Sporting Complexes, Arcades, Clubs & Restaurants

  • Maximum security & strength

  • Available in anodized and powder coated finishes

  • Side-stacking or rolling options available

Sovereign Doors

Shopfronts, Café’s, Restaurants, Shopping Centres, Bar Tops, Bottle Shops, Arcades, Sports Complexes, Clubs & Schools

  • Maximum visibility and excellent security

  • Retractable window

  • No floor tracks or steps which reduce trip hazards and increase safety

  • More efficient use of valuable space

Counterweight Doors

Schools, Carpark Entries, Café’s, Food Courts, Showrooms, Swimming Pools, Fire Stations, Ambulance & Transport Depots

  • High-end architectural projects or harsh and corrosive environments

  • Finishes include anodized or powder coated

  • Style can be partially glazed, fully glazed or clad

  • Huge range of materials can be used to suit architectural specifications and applications

Frameless Glass Doors

Shopping Centres, Shop Fronts, Sporting Complexes, Clubs & Entertainment Centres

  • An sophisticated & elegant wall of windows

  • Manual or motorised depending on size

  • No floor tracks for seamless room transitions and safety

Projection Doors

Suitable for any applications including Shopping Centres, Shopfronts, Bar Tops, Counter Tops, Doorways, Clubs, Gyms, Restaurants, Café’s

  • Vertical Folding Doors available in Gas Strut or Hydraulic
  • Opens up the facade to bring the outdoors in

  • Forms outside awning

  • Can be Single Leaf or Two Leaf

  • Virtually limitless cladding or glazing options available

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